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Social Marketing

Social Marketing Services

A fifth ‘P’ — Participation — joined Product, Price, Place and Promotion in today’s modern marketing mix.

At Authority Interactive, we’ve designed our social marketing services around the idea that the most important thing you can do to grow your business is to create a relationship with your customers and create positive buzz. We help you do this by connecting with prospects and current customers where they spend the most time: social networks.

Social marketing is all about engaging with your audience on a personal level and fostering trust and participation. Leveraging interest in your niche, your customers and fans will help promote your business organically through their network of friends, who in turn will promote you to their network. It is exactly because of this intimate level of engagement and viral potential that every business big and small now invests in a Facebook page and Twitter, at the very least.

Authority Interactive social marketing services employ the latest strategies to help you connect and engage with your customers and encourage them to market your brand for you

social marketing

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Our social marketing services help you strengthen and promote your business through the social networks to encourage customer participation and investment in your product, service or brand. Drawing on our extensive social marketing expertise, we create highly immersive and incentivized environments on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus, to build buzz for your biz and allow you to take advantage of the awesome power of social proof.

Did you know that Facebook receives more traffic than any other site in the world? Not only that, but Facebook’s amazing knack for collecting countless pieces of data about millions of users, makes it arguably the most targeted social marketing and advertising platform available, period.

Our social marketing team works with you to create Facebook fan pages, responsive Twitter followings and LinkedIn connections with the movers and shakers in your industry. We help you manage your social marketing accounts and create trust between you and your target market. We encourage your audience to market your brand for you by offering incentives and rewards for their increased participation and referrals.

We also extend social marketing services to pay-per-click advertisers by leveraging the extraordinary strengths of Facebook’s advertising system. These highly targeted ads allow you to pinpoint interested prospects with laser precision utilizing Facebook’s substantial filtering capabilities.

Our social marketing services also provide your business with the requisite completeness to be a viable competitor in your niche and reach customers who are more likely to want to learn about you because of a friend’s recommendation than an advertisement. Social marketing is simply a must for businesses of all sizes and can help you achieve the next level of market penetration.