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Video Services

Video Services

Video Marketing, Video SEO and Video Production

Authority Interactive is a leader in premier video services for web-based media solutions. We are experts at fostering the development of client brands and improving market visibility through the power of video. We create gorgeous, professional videos that convey your message to your prospects and make it easy for you to retain current customers by providing an attractive means to increase their investment in your brand.

Our video services give you the ability to reach your audience quickly and powerfully. Regardless of whether or not your brand is personality-driven, our video services experts create the right video to help you connect with your prospects convincingly. We also specialize in producing viral videos, which have the potential to attract staggering levels of traffic and become memes in popular culture.

video servicesAuthority Interactive’s Video Services help your brand flourish and reach customers through the most popular and engaging online medium

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Have you noticed that videos now outrank standard search results for millions of terms? Many marketers make their living exclusively through the creation of YouTube videos and many more team up with video services providers such as Authority Interactive to help them create high-quality landing page videos, promotional media and product videos.

The facts is that videos have incredible SEO value and are an evergreen source of traffic to many, many businesses. Our video services team helps you create and optimize videos to generate more traffic to your website and increase awareness and ubiquity for your brand. Our creative video services team also puts their heads together to come up with ways to increase the chances of your videos going viral.

We work with you remotely, or in the flesh, to create stunning video content for your website. Our seasoned video services team helps you shoot the perfect landing page or sales video to increase your conversion rate. We improve the navigation of your website and create “stickiness” that makes visitors want to stay and explore. We use state of the art technologies to produce creative videos that can range from fully 3D renderings to hand-drawn effects and more.

Our 12,000 Square foot facility in the heart of Orange County, California features several coves, sets and 3d technology to meet all of our clients’ needs. We even have dressing rooms, a full catering facility and a green room to get you comfortable and help you channel your energy into creating amazing videos for your business.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, if you’re not taking advantage of this powerful media channel, you are missing out on loads of traffic, leads and sales. Let our video services team create extraordinary videos that support the continual growth of your brand and a greater connection between you and your customers.